Featured Artists December

Gallery Nine in Port Townsend is pleased to announce that the photography of Doug Kurata and the drums of Tom Stewart will be featured at the gallery for the month of December. These artists evoke the spirit of imagery and the spirit of joyful vibrations.

Doug Kurata is one of the featured artists at Gallery-9 in Port Townsend during December. He is a semi-retired physician who practices part-time as a fill in doctor in Alaska. When off duty, he is photographing local people and scenery. This month he is displaying color photographs of outdoors Alaska.

He has captured intimate landscapes of the Kenai Peninsula in south central Alaska and of the Northwest Borough, north the Arctic Circle. His thoughtful and sensitive compositions reveal a quiet beauty and evoke a calm and peaceful mood. Doug specializes in nature and travel photography. His website is dougkurata.com.

He has an exhibit of Asian travel images hanging at the Uptown Dental Clinic until early January. More of his Alaska imagery can be seen at Family Physicians.

December featured artist, drum maker Tom Stewart, has been creating world class hand drums for the past twenty years. Over 130 have been sold both online at Joyfuldrums.com and in Gallery- 9.

He has sold his drums to musicians, novices, and to individuals who just like to see them as a piece of display art. Tom’s handcrafted wrench tunable drums have richly designed inlaid wood patterns expressing fine artistic lines, color and visual beauty. The sound quality is excellent with tones varying widely in range that create Joyful Vibrations that resonate through the human spirit.

To see how his drums evolve come to Gallery-9 during the month of December to view a display of works in progress and to see some of his breathtaking finished drums.

The Gallery 9 featured artists will be at the Gallery Walk, starting at 5:30 p.m. Saturday,December 1. Enjoy the refreshments and meet the co-op artists! Gallery Nine is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is located at 1012 Water St., phone 360 379 8881. The website featuring the artists work is www.gallery-9.com.

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