Art: A Spiritual Journey with Jacobson and Stewart

ART: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY opens this Saturday evening at Gallery Nine in Port Townsend

Oil Painter Jim Jacobson and Woodworker-Drum maker Tom Stewart, featured artists at Gallery –9, are in agreement on one thing for sure: Art for them is a spiritual journey. They cite feelings of joy, solitude, introspection, and reflection as indicators of the spiritual side of their art.

Jim Jacobson loves to paint and it has become a passion in his life fueled by his love of life, the visuals of nature with her varying moods and the challenge of “figuring it out” as he continues to learn. “With each painting I strive to express this passion, reflect the joy I feel while applying paint to canvas, and finally, produce a painting that evokes a pleasant or thought-provoking response”

Tom Stewart feels joy working with the wonderful woods of the world. He creates beautiful Drums, Zen Gardens, Yoga Props, Hand-held Garden Hoes, and a variety of framed and free-hanging Yin Yang’s.
“I like to make functional art that inspires one to go inward and look for one’s true authentic self. A path, maybe to the source of all things?”

Gallery 9 is located at 1012 Water Street. Call 379-8881 or visit

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