A Joyful Vibrations Hand Drum by Tom Stewart

A “Peruvian Walnut Twist” I call it.

There are 5 laminated layers to the drum shell.
The first inside layer is Peruvian Walnut and 3 more layers of kiln dried Fir. The fifth layer is Peruvian Walnut.

On the fifth and finish layer look carefully at the long thin strips. They are the only ones that have been twisted or spiraled.
All the other pieces were straight cut to fit between the thin strips.

I was amazed at the outcome. It looked like (maybe while the glue was still wet) I had twisted all the pieces into a spiral. Wow- Clever I say!

I form everything in my shop including the tuning hardware.
The drum is wrench-tunable and has great sounds.

The drum is 24 inches tall with a 13.5 inch diameter head.

Available for purchase at Gallery-9. Come and try it out.

Visit Toms web page at Gallery-9.com

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