The Craftsmanship of Art

For the month of November, Gallery Nine, 1012 Water Street in Port  Townsend features Chuck (CW) Stern’s woodturning and Larry Eifert’s paintings in a show about the Craftsmanship of Art.

The work of both artists is strongly influenced by a focus on high quality and carefully learned skills often not found in today’s more commonly seen slapdash world of art. Both also have a careful and close connection with the natural environment, and have developed skills honed over decades of observing, learning – and then expressing what they’ve learned in mediums and methods both have come to love.


Chuck Stern is a wood artist, turning both functional bowls and vases as well as carving unique burl wood into beautiful, sometimes whimsical sculptures. His love and close knowledge of wood comes from a lifetime on the Olympic Peninsula working in many facets of the wood industry, and it’s clear that Stern knows wood in a way that is not simple or superficial. “It’s taken decades to understand that once-living wood has a history buried within it. Each year, each growth ring, each winter storm or injury creates an internal change I need to recognize, understand and try to incorporate into my finished piece. It’s not just slamming it on the lathe and turning out a bowl, but more a conversation with an ancient once-living soul.”


Larry Eifert has painted as his prime career for over 40 years and has more work in America’s national parks than any other artist. Most of his park installations are large-scale complex murals, but for this show he has focused on smaller and more emotional expressions of the natural and luminous qualities of light he’s recently seen on field trips this summer to mural locations. Paintings of nature require both patience and a deep understanding of the subject, and Larry’s keen love of natural history has resulted an understanding of how nature’s machinery works, and it vividly shows in these painterly interpretations. More information about Larry Eifert is available at his website.

 Join the artists for conversations about their work during November’s Gallery Walk, 5:30 to 8 pm, Saturday, November 5.

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