Glass As A Journey.

Blue Tatto by Nancy Rody

Nancy Rody views her 20 years of work in glass as a journey.  “I go on as usual for a while in my studio and then I make what I call a stepping stone piece that takes me to a new plateau – maybe not the best glass piece I have ever made but one that in which I abandon an old technique and take it to someplace new.  This happened recently, resulting in two mosiac glass sculptures.

‘Blue Tattoo’ is a whimsical piece, an abstract form of sparkling cobalt blue glass from which strange creatures have emerged, including a snail flying a kite, a many legged rainbow bug, and a fish holding a ballon above the water.


Ring Of Fire by Nancy Rody

Named after a Johnny Cash song that seems to have tagged along in my head for a number of years, ‘Ring of Fire’ contrasts smooth earth-tone glass with sharp spikes of blazing red and gold glass encircling the piece.”

Both of these sculptures are available from Gallery Nine, 1012 Water Street in Port Townsend. 360-379-8881 or check the website.

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