Releasing The Dream: New work by Cynthia Thomas

Cynthia Thomas is the featured Artist at Galley 9 in Port Townsend this March.  Here’s what she had to say about her creative process.

"Releasing the Dream", 24" x 24" x 6", Mixed media

“The image came to me during a quiet time at an art show recently. I rarely go anywhere without my sketchbook and pencils. I started drawing the fabric folds, and the woman emerged out the folds holding the sphere. She then let go, the sphere flew from her hands, releasing to the universe all of the world’s wishes and dreams of  Peace, Acceptance, Tolerance and Love.

The media is, of course, mixed: I carve the bulky area in a aeronautic rigid foam; the faces and hands are all made with Paperclay® that I press into molds of pieces I have carved. Once all are assembled on the painting board, I coat the piece with 2 layers of epoxy resin to make the surface really strong. I then paint the piece using acrylic paint. It is a bit of a lengthy process. To me, it is a lot of hurry up and wait at times. This piece was carved and assemble over the last several months, then painted in the last three weeks.”

Be sure to check it out during  Art Walk.  Saturday March 3, from 5 to 8

Galley 9, 1012 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA —

360.379.8881, Open daily 10-6

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