Moul and Stern at Gallery Nine for April 2012

Hardwood and Ephemeral Beauty

To welcome spring to Port Townsend, Gallery Nine, 1012 Water Street, features wood artist Chuck Stern and painter Ianthe Moul for the month of April. When spring comes to the Northwest nature bursts into new growth. Both artists have a close relationship with the natural world.  Chuck uses wood as both his inspiration and his medium.  In her new paintings Ianthe focuses on nature in its constant state of flux between life and death. 


Chuck is an Olympic Peninsula native who creates artwork from salvaged local woods.  Although most is turned into artistic bowls Chuck often finds unusual sculptures hidden in large maple burl.  His latest sculpted piece is of a geisha girl titled “Geisha”.  She was created by first using a chainsaw to rough shape the burl, then carved, sanded, and polished to a soft smooth finish.  Along with “Geisha”, Stern is working on several new bowls that will be available for viewing during the month of April. 


Ianthe’s new work is inspired by the concept of ephemeral beauty and nature’s ceaseless cycle of life and death.  She strives to create work that captures more than just a static moment of beauty, but rather beauty that is enveloped in the reality that it will soon be gone.  Ianthe creates a mood or emotion by using intense color and manipulating the lighting effects.  She is interested in finding a balance between the representational and the abstract.

 Meet the artists and view their new work during April’s Gallery Walk, 5:30 to 8pm, Saturday, April 7.

 Gallery 9 is located at 1012 Water Street.  Call 379-8881 or visit

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