Painter Ann Arscott and Jeweler Michael Kenney at Gallery 9


Jewelry by Michael Kenney



New works of artists Ann Arscott and Michael Kenney will be featured for the month of December at Gallery Nine in Port Townsend.

Arscott will present a series of paintings depicting wild animals of Africa.  As a world traveller with a career in natural history and geology, Ann lives her world on canvas, paper and silk.  Sunsets at sea; snows in the mountains; critters in the wild, says Ann ” These are my joy, and I try to share them through painting.”

Kenney will show his newest pieces of Artisan Jewelry featuring his hand cut rare stones and unique sterling silver settings.  Many of the stones Kenney cuts and polishes from rocks he collects in remote locations throughout the West.

This special presentation of the works of Ann Arscott and Michael Kenney will open with the open Gallery reception on December 7, from 5 to 8 pm.

Gallery Nine is located at 1012 Water Street in Port Townsend.  For more information Call 379-8881 or visit and click on the blog link.

Gallery 9 Press Release for September, 2013 Port Townsend Gallery Walk

“From the Woods”


For September, painter Larry Eifert and woodworker Chuck (CW) Stern present a show centered on a respect for wood and what can be created from it.

Maple-log-cabin-art Eifert-Yellow-Rowboat


While Eifert has spent a lifetime painting national parks and refuges, he has also built, restored and sailed numerous wooden boats. With a newly restored boat, a 1959 Lighting class sloop, Eifert will be showing and sailing in the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival again this year that will coincide with the Port Townsend’s Gallery Walk. For this, the artist has delved into his personal collection of boat and waterfront paintings and prints, and presents a series of images not seen in Port Townsend for many years. Eifert states: “These are tightly-painted images that show our own boat and past Festival boats before Point Hudson was modernized. They show Port Townsend’s waterfront before it was gentrified and sanitized. They are images many of us wish were still reality.”


Stern on the other hand will be offering up a wide variety of items made from salvaged Olympic Peninsula big-leaf maple. Included in this collection you will see everyday treenware, artistic vessels, and what Stern refers to as “found art”. “These are the wood sculptures that I found in rough pieces of log”, he says, “they aren’t something that I set out to create, they were there already”.


Join Larry and Chuck in discussing their new work at Gallery Walk, Saturday, September 7 from 5:30 to 8pm at Gallery 9, 1012 Water Street in Port Townsend.

The gallery is open from 10-6 daily.  See or call 379-8881 for more information.

Drums and drawings, new work by Gallery 9 featured artists Stewart and Gordon


“Drums and drawings, new art work by Gallery 9 featured artists”

Painter Marcy Gordon and drum maker Tom Stewart are the Featured Artists at Gallery 9 for the month of June, and they will be unveiling some exciting new art.

Tom will be displaying two new hand drums as well as his current available collection. An intricately assembled drum capped with gorgeous Bolivian rose wood highlights Tom’s typical elaborate construction, while the second is of purple-dyed quilted maple wood. The amazing grains of the maple stand out to give a stunning velvety appearance. Along with these new drums and others in his present collection, Tom will be displaying his yoga props, Zen gardens, and Yin Yang pieces. Of his work, Stewart says “It’s my goal to create these and the drums as pieces of art, but they’re also all good for the soul as well.”


Marcy will be showing three new pieces including a large watercolor of a rose with a richly patterned background using watercolor and colored pencil. The other two are spontaneous abstract colored pencil drawings. These drawings are begun with a single random line and reveal themselves as suggested forms emerge. Marcy’s drawings are a time consuming process, as a very fine line is used to build up the forms, but they are also high discovery as it isn’t known what will be revealed until they are completed. Marcy has degrees in art and psychology from the University of Washington and taught watercolor illustration for many years.

Join Marcy and Tom in discussing their new work at Gallery Walk, Saturday June 1, from 5:30 to 8pm at Gallery 9, 1012 Water Street in Port Townsend. The gallery is open from 10-6 daily.  See or call 379-8881 for more information.

Linda Lundell and Laurie Kalesse Dokken in a New Show

“The Path of Art” features painter and cloisonné jeweler, Linda Lundell and textile designer, Laurie Kalesse Dokken as Featured Artists at Gallery 9 in Port Townsend for the month of April.


Lundell states: “My latest work continues to explore nature from a mystical perspective. With a foundation in realism I create unexpected relationships with images and color that delight and transcend. Not unlike a Zen “Koan” where the mind is stumped which allows the viewer to experience the art with our deeper unconditioned “being”. I continue to cultivate a relationship with my soul as well as the forest. There is nothing better than feeling the oneness of it all.”

Linda received a Masters of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design in painting and drawing, and spent the last year of her Master’s Program on a scholarship in Italy studying the Renaissance. A year in Europe was the beginning of a lifetime of learning about art. Over the many years since, Lundell has shown in museums and galleries, most notably The Smithsonian Renwick Gallery with a handmade flute. Then in 1982 she met the Olympic Rainforest and began painting her new favorite place. A few years before moving to Port Townsend, Lundell received a Centrum Fellowship to paint in Olympic National Park.


Textile designer Laurie Kalesse Dokken says: “I love texture and color! The texture and colors of decorator fabrics have appealed to me for decades. Most of the textiles I use are already recycled into their present form and then purchased from a supplier that deals in fabric overruns. What started out with the intention of reducing a stash of textiles turned into more than a dozen styles of functional bags and jackets. I started out by making Asian influenced jackets and with the extra fabric created little bags. Now my work primarily consists of a variety of individually-made bags, from coin holders to the electronic friendly, including a “dump bag” for those on the go. These bags are primarily created out of recycled hospitality fabrics used for their extended wear qualities. The simplicity of the design encourages downsizing and organizing with easy mobility.


Join the Linda and Laurie in discussing their new work at Gallery Walk, April 6th from 5:30 to 8pm at Gallery 9, 1012 Water Street in Port Townsend. See or call 379-8881 for more information.

An Exhibit of Sound and Light at Gallery Nine

Drum maker Tom Stewart and photographer Jim Fagiolo


Drum maker Tom Stewart and photographer Jim Fagiolo harness the beauty of nature’s vibrations through their high level of craftsmanship. See and hear their work at Port Townsend’s Gallery-9 during the month of September.

Jim’s photography mixes still-life objects with local scenic landscapes. He uses state of the art digital printing techniques with a large format camera to produce high photographic quality. These are stunningly large images and printed with extreme care on the photographer’s own equipment.


Exotic woods, brass-plated steel, and Pakistan goat hides all come together to make Tom’s Joyful Vibrations Hand Drums. Tom is currently working on his 175th drum with the same passion and excitement as he had creating his first. Tom has developed a distinctive method of working thin layers of wood laminates into graceful and elegant drum shells. The colors and designs are amazing with drum tones that are exceptional! A digital display at the gallery will demonstrate several of the steps involved in his complex method of drum making.


Come and meet both of the artists during gallery walk on September 1, 2012.

Gallery-9 is located at 1012 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA.
The gallery is open seven days a week from 10-6. Phone 360-379-8881,